Stylish Gifts With a Decidedly German Flair

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What do you buy for the person whose tastes lean continental? As in Europe? Well, British, French and Italian-themed gifts are always popular, with food, wine, and local art among the top items given. In more recent years interest in central and eastern Europe has grown, with German-themed items also receiving much consideration. Teutonic and Bavarian delights are among them including the following gift ideas.

Cuckoo Clocks

If you have read Hansel and Gretel, then you’re familiar with the work of the Brothers Grimm. Indeed, the Black Forest played a part in a number of fairy tales by the brothers, a scary backdrop that both intrigued and frightened children the world over. As the story goes, the witch’s house was constructed of cake and confectionary in a bid to lure unsuspecting children in, captured, and baked. 

It is a story that has inspired clock workers to recreate the house or another Black Forest cabin in the form of whimsical cuckoo clocks. Such clocks may be simply decorative, with no chimes played or cuckoos singing. Others are more complex and are constructed of dark wood, and include moving birds, active chimes, and the clock’s face.

Hats, Feathers, and Pins

Edelweiss is a mountain flower, one that belongs to the sunflower family and grows in the European Alps. Its beauty is such that it inspired a song from Rogers and Hammerstein, a tune used in the "Sound of Music." The edelweiss has also inspired artisans to create flower-based jewelry including a pewter pin with hand painted accents. That pin can be used as a hat pin, a tie tack, or as a lapel pin.

Indeed, an assortment of feather hat pins are also available, what provide a handsome reminder of Germany, with black and brown feathers woven with shorter black and white striped feathers. Attach it to your German country hat, itself constructed of 100 percent wool felt and decorated with a twin cord around its generous brim.

Oktoberfest Supplies and Decorations

If you’re planning a party, why not consider an Oktoberfest theme? No, you don’t have to provide alcohol to enjoy an assortment of foods including sausage and sauerkraut, pork shank, potato salad, pickled eggs, pumpkin break, beer and cheese soup, hobelchas and other delights. The food alone can be an important enough attraction, but you’ll want to have the decorations too to round out your event.

Take your Oktoberfest up to another level by putting out blue and white bunting, flags, tableware, hats, and party apparel. You can even order official Oktoberfest beer steins and mugs, and give these to your guests. And for those who do not drink, they probably won’t mind — especially when using your gift to decorate a mantlepiece or a table top.

Wedding Gifts

For the happy couple as they embark on a life of wedded bliss you have a number of choices of the German kind here. Perhaps the best example is a beautifully crafted pair of Bavaria Crest stoneware wheat beer cups glazed in cobalt blue and featuring a crown motif. What a beautiful tribute and a way for the couple to "salut" their nuptials! 

Regardless of what you decide to purchase, your German gift-giving possibilities are attractive, expansive, and affordable, a welcome alternative to what might otherwise be expected. 

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