7 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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Last minute Christmas shopping for some is hitting the local pharmacy store at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve. But for many of us, any shopping done in the last two weeks before Dec. 25 is last minute. After all, it takes time to look for, order and ship items by Christmas. 

No matter how you define the moment, you’re within a fast closing window that must be passed through before it shuts and your Christmas shopping time is complete. Here are seven last minute Christmas gift ideas for your consideration.

1. Say it with flowers. Some people love flowers especially at Christmas. A poinsettia, a Christmas cactus, even a small, decorated tabletop Christmas tree can come in handy. What’s more, if your recipient is clear across the country, you can order online and often have your gift delivered that day. Some florists run a deal of the day too, taking 20 percent or more off of the price of an arrangement.

2. Repurpose a prized homemade item. You have quite a talent with wood, for baking or with crafts. Chances are you have an item you made and have not given away, perhaps you even are using it for yourself at the moment. Well, take down that bookshelf, wipe it off, remove the coat of varnish, sand it down, and put a fresh coat of varnish on it and gift it. Or, extend your holiday baking to include extra cookies, cakes and other goodies. Place these on a Christmas plate, wrap in red or green cellophane, and top it with a festive bow. You have a gift that will be treasured and devoured with abandon!

3. Music is always welcome. For some people music is what moves them. They listen to tunes as they wake up, as they get ready for school or work, while taking on their favorite tasks during the day, and before laying down at night. Music gift cards including iTunes, can be a much desirable gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. And, if your shopping is still not done on Christmas morning, you can order it online and have the gift emailed to your recipient. Check out similar cards from Amazon, Pandora One, and Google. 

4. Gift cards, of course. There are music gift cards, but there are also cards for nearly everything else. Some stores carry a variety of gift cards and not just for that store either. Restaurants, specialty stores, gift shops, you name it are covered. And if you cannot get to a store, you can find gift cards online. Many retailers offer eGift cards, redeemable for items in their stores. Find what store your gift recipient frequents and gift away!

5. Fruit and gift baskets are fun. Just like flowers, a gift basket can come in handy too. These you can order online, but you should know that shipping can take several days to complete, so if you’re sending a fruit or gift basket clear across the country, you should allow about five days before Christmas to ensure that it gets there on time. If your recipient is local, your supermarket, department store, specialty shop and florist will have baskets for your choosing, so visit a shop today to pick out your gift.

6. Dinner for two is delicious. Is there a new restaurant in town? Is it a place that your gift recipient would like to visit? If so, stop in and speak to the manager about a gift card. If no gift cards are available, you may be able to make an arrangement to have that bill charged to your account. You can also buy a debit card, fill it with cash, and give it with the understanding that it is to be used at a certain dining establishment. 

7. Donate to a favorite charity. Perhaps your gift recipient has everything and absolutely has made it known that no gift is expected or desired. You may feel odd about such a request, but there is one gift item that few people turn down: a donation to a favorite charity. Not your favorite charity, mind you — rather, one that they like. You probably already know where there affections lie — if your recipient loves animals, a donation to an animal rescue organization may be in order. If your recipient lost a loved on in a military operation, send a gift to the Wounded Warriors Project in their name. You won’t have to look far for an idea or an organization that would welcome your last minute donation.

Shopping Considerations

So do your last minute shopping right now to avoid the real last minute buying that you promised you’d never do. Panic buying is no fun — it is quite stressful, something you can avoid by tackling today.

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