Which Type of Shoe Lover Are You?

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You want to be fashionable and you want to be comfortable, but depending on your lifestyle, you can’t always be both… or can you?

With so many shoe styles and options available now, it’s completely possible to be the put-together woman you’ve always dreamed of being, even while you drive the kids to soccer or ballet, manage your successful company, doctor your patients or do the grocery shopping.

But first, we need to figure out your personal style. Once you’ve determined the image you want to project, you can easily find the most attractive and comfortable versions of your favorite shoes.

Let’s talk about some different shoe style types, and see if you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions. 

The Classic 

The Classic lady is just that: a lady. Her style is timeless and elegant, running more along the lines of Audrey Hepburn than Katy Perry. The perfect little black dress rules in the closet of a Classic, and the perfect pair of high heels waits patiently nearby for their chance to shine. If you are a Classic, chances are you’re interested in modestly flirty heels, booties, or pumps, with a special love for all things vintage. Dolce Vita and Chinese Laundry are examples of brands that might be worn by the Classic, and don’t forget to accessorize with your perfect string of pearls, darling.     

The Fashionista

It’s all about the brands for the Fashionista. Labels, designers, status and what’s big right now this very moment are all important factors for the Fashionista style type. The latest and most current trends highly motivate the buying decisions of this woman, making anything by Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo high on the list of desirable designers. If you want fashion advice, or want to make sure you wear exactly the right outfit for an occasion, ask your Fashionista girlfriends, because these effortlessly stylish ladies will steer you in the right direction every time. 

The Comfort Queen 

Comfort is king in the world of the Comfort Queen. Simple, pretty and far from frumpy, this no-nonsense girl is not willing to teeter around on five-inch heels in the name of fashion. MUK LUKS and UGG boots were made with the Comfort Queen in mind, and she can often be spotted wearing these fashionable yet comfortable boots with yoga pants, jeans and even skirts. The Comfort Queen makes practical footwear look good, with the added bonus of feet that don’t ache at the end of a long day.

The Rock Star

Animal prints, leather, and studded everything make the Rock Star shoe style girl happy. The outrageous shoe that many will try on but few will dare to wear? Yeah, the Rock Star was made for those shoes, and those shoes were made for her, because she makes them look good. Unafraid of bright colors and daring, eclectic styles, the Rock Star will fearlessly seek out nearly every style of shoe, from biker boots, to studded heels, to those over-the-knee, shiny silver Tom Ford bondage sandals recently rocked by JLo. An edgy Steve Madden studded peep-toe stiletto will also rev the engine of a Rock Star shoe type.

No matter what your shoe style may be, there is a perfect pair out there just waiting for you to find them. Whatever your career, whatever the occasion, and whatever your lifestyle, it’s important to feel good about yourself, so if cute shoes make you happy, then you deserve to have cute shoes. So get out there and go get them, ladies!

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