What to Get Your Cigar-Loving Friends This Christmas

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This holiday season, the recipients on your Christmas list may include people young and old, ranging from a newborn niece to your grandparents. Among your family and friends there could be a cigar aficionado, an individual whose love for hand-rolled cigars is well-known. Buying a cigar-centric gift can be one of your top considerations for this person and may include the following big on his list gift ideas.

1. Buy His Favorite.

If our cigar friend has a favorite cigar, why not purchase a box of what he likes? If you’re not familiar with his brand or blend, simply ask him. The typical cigar aficionado likes to talk about his cigars just as much as your wine loving friends their wines. Order a box and have it shipped directly to his office, to his home or present it to him in person at Christmas.

2. Give Him a Sampler.

Not every cigar aficionado is set on one brand or blend of cigar. Some people like to try different cigars and may welcome your thoughtful cigar sampler gift. Retailers offer samplers and will typically include only 90 rated or higher cigars. Samples as small as three or five cigars are available and may come in a telescoping cigar case. Other samplers include a dozen or more cigars with samples from around the world offered. You can’t go wrong with a cigar sampler as unused cigars are always shared with friends.

3. Buy a Humidor.

You say that he already has a humidor? Well, a second or a third one is never a problem as one can be kept in the living room, another in bedroom and a third one at his place of employment. Humidors are necessary to extend the freshness and life of cigars, by keeping humidity levels constant. A beautiful Spanish cedar or mahogany wood design is offered, one that looks good wherever it is placed. For something different, consider gifting him with a travel humidor, ideal for carrying a handful of cigars for ease of travel. Consider personal engraving too.

4. Consider Cigar-Related Gadgets.

If you are looking for something unusual, there are enough accessory items to make your Christmas gift-giving interesting. A torch lighter is an elegant gift, one that provides free flowing fuel to light dozens upon dozens of cigars. If your cigar lover regularly smokes with friends, you can purchase an ash tray that has multiple stirrups and can collect a night’s worth of ashes before it needs to be emptied. Also consider a digital hygrometer, an instrument that measures the moisture content in a local environment, such as in a room.

5. Arrange for a Tour.

The next time your friend is in the Tampa area, why not arrange for him to take a tour of a cigar factory? Tours are possible at select factories, allowing visitors to meet the people that roll their cigars. They will also find out how the fermentation process is done, learn about quality control, sorting and selection. He can sample a few cigars, roll his own and get a feel for the process that brings award-winning cigars to the market. Your gift recipient will also be able to buy cigars and related accessories at the factory store.

Gift Tips

There are other gift ideas to consider including buying a gift certificate from a cigar retailer; ordering a gift basket or case that includes his favorite cigars, snacks and drinks; or choosing a silver-plated guillotine cigar cutter, useful for cutting the tip of a cigar so that it may be properly smoked. Whatever you choose, expect that your gift will be well received, your demonstration of appreciation for your cigar-smoking friend or relative.

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