How to Outfit Your Cowboy

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Western wear makes for a fashion statement, one that never goes out of style and is finding increasing acceptance across the United States, indeed around the world. There is something about a man (or a woman) that wears a western hat, typically a Stetson, Bailey, Beaver or a Daily Lama for the guys, and an assortment of similar styles for cowgirls and cowkids alike. If you are woman dressing a man, keep the following in mind when shopping for a cowboy outfit, concentrating on five essentials of western man wear.

1. Choose the Hat.
You know what he looks good in and what style will make him stand out. Start with the hat because what he wears on his head will define the rest of his outfit. Choose a style that is based on his personality, with the color that best matches his eyes or his complexion. If he has a longer face, choose a hat with a low crown. Downward facing brims can offset a longer neck or face. The brim size can make a difference in a face’s appearance too.

2. Find the Footwear.
It may seem odd to choose the footwear next, but this step is critically important ranks up there with the hat. You see, cowboys like to look fine and their women want them to make a statement. It is the boots that he’ll be wearing when he takes you line dancing or asks you to a square dance. Your choices include Roper and Western, with a line of Exotics including Ostrich or Quill boots also possible. Pay close attention to the vamp, top, height, toe and heel, to find a look and fit that is right for him.

3. Shop the Jeans.
When it comes to cowboy clothing, there are bluejeans and there is true body wear. Guys want to be comfortable and want their man parts to feel comfortable when sitting down, when spinning around on the dance floor or while at work. Certainly, your favorite Levis, Wranglers or Lees can look good, but they’re just not the right fit especially when wearing cowboy boots. The Cinch brand, however, offers what a man needs including a comfortable, low rise; ample pockets; 100 percent cotton and a straight leg look. Stonewash is a favorite and with regular, long and extra-long lengths, your guy can look great no matter his size.

4. Pick a Shirt, but Not Any Shirt.
What makes a guy look great when wearing a cowboy hat, boots and pants? The right shirt, that’s want. Luckily, you can find something that goes beyond his favorite "tee" and outfit him in an assortment of styles, long- or short-sleeved. For the guy looking to go casual, choose a tee and pair that with a hoodie. Brown plaid or squared shirts, made of cotton and loose around the shoulders, tight around the chest and easy to clean is the way to go.

5. Belt, Buckles and Accessories.
Who wears belts? Cowboys do. The belt is an essential accessory and is typically leather and may be of Ostrich hide. Perhaps of more importance is the buckle, with fancy oversized styles made from Montana silversmiths prized for both detail and elegance. Choose his favorite horseshoe or football team design, with nickel electroplating to prevent tarnishing. Other accessories to consider include wallets, jewelry, scarves, gloves and cologne. You can also select a beautiful leather Bible cover with studs surrounding the cross.

Cowboy Tips

Now that you have your guy smartly outfitted, you have put together an outfit that he most certainly will want to wear. That’s smart of you, because with his clothes in order, you’re now free to shop for what you need. Assemble a similar outfit and you and your cowboy will be the talk of the next square dance — the belle of the ball with her Texan prince.
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