What is Current in Men’s Neckwear

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Guys wear ties and many will wear scarves — the former for business attire, the latter for keeping warm all winter long. Both are useful and serve different purposes. Both can also be trendy, with fashion preferences changing with the times. Let’s take a look at what is current in men’s neckwear, to help you pick the right accessory right now.

  • Colors
    For decades, the bright red tie outfitted with a white shirt and a dark suit, were considered the "power choice" business attire for men. That still holds true for today. There are some variations in tone that are acceptable with men choosing a bright pink tie at times too. That choice represents male support for breast cancer patients, whether that be their wives, mothers, sisters or girlfriends. As far as scarves go, the darker or less restrained colors are always right for men.
  • Prints
    Print styles can be right especially if the shirt is solid and the tie does not clash with the suit. Typically, men should shop for a tie pattern that matches the suit or risk looking ill-paired. For scarves, print designs look great on men and may be of the Scottish variety, such as plaid or flannel. Pair this with any suede or leather business coat and match it with solid leather gloves. You’ll look dashing!
  • Thickness
    Thin ties look great on skinny guys while thicker ties match well with the man who is stocky or portly. The days of changing tie width trends are over, as ties that are 1.0- 1.5- and even 2.0-inches wide are acceptable. For scarves, it is all about comfort, so choose the one that keeps your warm, however for business purposes you’ll want to select a tie that won’t clash with your coat. For leisure purposes, choose one that goes with your bomber coat.
  • Designers
    Yes, men’s fashion designers have absolutely taken to neckwear — ties and scarves alike. Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and UGG are among the most well-known names, but you’ll also find John Varvatos, Robert Graham, Ted Baker and Paul Smith collections available. For something different consider an Italian-made scarf from Salvatore Ferragamo, beautiful hand-made designs that will set you back by at least $300.

Male Couture

Some may insist that there is no such thing as male couture, while others would beg to differ. Haute couture indicates clothing that is exclusive and custom-fitted, or a made to order item for female patrons.

Men, however, refuse to be left out. Ties and scarves are the ultimate ready-to-wear items, what can easily be slung or tied around your neck and forgotten. With scarves, especially, you can loop it once or loop it twice, giving you a look that is both naughty and nice.
Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Now that you know the styles, colors, designers and looks of ties and scarves, let’s take a look at how you can accessorize your outerwear. Ties are easy and we discussed this point earlier, but scarves can offer a bit more of a challenge. Some guys don’t bother, mixing and matching as they please. Or, they may choose a ready-assembled set. The problem with this is usually only the department stores or major brands offer these. Try finding a complete set of Ted Baker or John Varvatos outerwear accessories and you’ll be disappointed.

The short and skinny of accessorizing is making sure that the colors match. If you’re sporting a colorful print scarf, choose a solid color hat that features the dominant color found in the scarf. Then, match your gloves with your hat and you’re done. That’s it — quick and easy, and you didn’t need your significant other to help you either!

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