What to Include in a College Care Package

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Your student son or daughter is away at college and probably feeling a bit homesick by now. Those feelings are not out of the ordinary and can be handled if you want to send your offspring some love in the form of a college care package. Certainly, there are any number of goodies your student can pick up locally, but when an unexpected package from home arrives, your bundle of love can be received with much joy.

Baked goodies — You served up plenty of chocolate chunk cookies while your children were young and you still bake them for your at-home kids. The next time you fire up the oven to prepare a batch of your special recipe, double the output and send the rest off to college. Make enough for your student as well as for his roommate and other friends.

Frame it — Maybe your daughter has fond memories of a family beach outing. Or perhaps she misses her friends from her high school drill team. Why not find the appropriate photo, frame it and send it out in with your package and include a note? Maybe she already has a photo saved to her iPhone, but a treasured photo set within a memorable frame can be displayed on a desk or bureau top.

Hygiene items — He may act embarrassed if you send out personal effects like deodorant or shampoo, but he may be just as appreciative when receiving these items too. Add in a few things he wouldn’t of thought about bringing, but wishes he had: like shower shoes that can protect his feet from fungus. A very gross thought, but an entirely appropriate addition to your care package.

School supplies — How easy it is to run through or misplace items that every student needs for here day to day classroom work. These items include notebook paper, binders, construction paper, transparent tape, pens, pencils, highlighters, post it notes, printer paper and ink and paper clips. If shopping and sending these items is a bit much for you, consider sending a gift card for the college campus bookstore or to a local retailer.

Fun stuff — Don’t restrict your package to a few expected items. Get creative by including things your daughter or son would like, but may not get unless you provided them. An iTunes gift card can come in handy for downloading her favorite tunes or you could buy the latest CD from a favorite artist and include that with your package. Video games, a web cam and even fun stuff they liked to play with as a kid such as Silly String or Play Doh can be included.

Thematic Packages

We reviewed five options for your child’s college care package, with more than enough ideas to fit into one box. This means you might want to send out more than one care package at various times of the year, perhaps sending different theme-based packages depending on the season.

For instance, as Halloween approaches, you might include a batch of pumpkin-styled sugar cookies along with caramel apple bars, chocolate spiders and triple ginger cookies. Just before Christmas, you can send spice cookies or a family favorite such as Russian tea cakes, items that can enjoyed while studying for term finals. Include hand lotion, a hat and a pair of gloves, cough drops and lip balm with this package.

As spring arrives, send your son or daughter energy bars, a recent picture of the family taken at his or her last visit, maybe a pair of tickets to a new movie. Also welcome would be a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop, providing a different place to eat than the campus cafeteria.

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