How to Get Door-Busting Black Friday Deals

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The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, as shoppers throng malls and retail shops in search of door-busting bargains. Time your visit to your favorite retailer just right and you may get the great deal that you won’t find anywhere else. Black Friday deals, however, are often of limited quantity.

If you want to snag a special buy, please keep the following tips in mind.

1. Get on Line — Just how important is a particular deal to you? That’s a question only you can answer, but if you are the type of individual that loves to queue in front of an Apple store when the latest version of an iPhone or iPad goes on sale, then waiting outside of your favorite retailer hours or even a day before the store opens can help you land a special deal. Just make sure that your city does not have an anti-loitering law on its books, otherwise your one-man queue might be mistaken for panhandling or perhaps something worse.

2. Hit and Run — Not all Black Friday deals are offered for the entire day. Some stores run specials for a few hours early on and then those deals are over. You may find yourself able to set foot in a store when it opens at 5 a.m., but learn that the widescreen television you covet won’t go on sale until from 10 a.m to 1 p.m. Don’t expect store sales help to hide one for you until the appointed hour, but do plan to be in the vicinity when the pallet is unwrapped and shoppers are ready to pounce. And pounce they will!

3. Shop on Thanksgiving — You knew this was coming: quite a number of retailers are now upon open on Thanksgiving day, one of the most treasured holidays in the United States. While mostly everyone else is feasting on turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, some people have figured out that a favorite store is open and is running Black Friday specials a day early. While sales help may not be too thrilled to be working on a major holiday, you can find some "secret bargains" and still have time to run home for turkey dinner.

4. Skip the Stores –– So, your store has only 20 of each item available? Seriously? Yes, that is a secret of Black Friday shopping that some people discover too late: once an item is gone, it is gone with no rain checks available. But, there is another secret that has can turn the tide for you: shopping online. Indeed, the same retailer that wants you to get up before the crack of dawn and stroll its aisles, may also have the very same item listed on its website. And for the exact same price and in greater quantities too. You may have to pay for shipping, but if you ship to store, you can usually pick up the item at no extra charge. Then again, shipping directly to your home ensures that the store doesn’t accidentally put your item out on display or attempts to fill an earlier rain check.

Christmas Values

If shopping at a store has you unnerved on Black Friday or some other busy day during the holiday season, there is still another option available for you. And that would be Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday always follows Black Friday and is the day when online retailers join the Christmas-buying fray. These retailers post their best deals online and can typically get you what you want for a lower price and ship it to you for little or no cost. In some cases you can avoid paying sales tax. Cyber Monday often starts just after midnight and runs all day. Some retailers post their best deals beginning Sunday night or on Saturday, following the end of Black Friday.

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